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Founded in 1996, Virginia Clean Cities is a state-wide grassroots organization dedicated to reducing the use of petroleum in transportation. From Hampton Roads to Harrisonburg, Southwest to Northern Virginia, we provide educational events, networking opportunities, technical advice, business assistance, and education for policymakers on the benefits of domestic, renewable, and clean fuels.  In 2013, VCC helped Virginia fleets displace over 13.5 million gallons of gasoline and prevent more than 86,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the Commonwealth.  We count on our membership base to support the organization and its activities. You can help by supporting our mission with an annual membership.

You can also support VCC by donating your vehicle to our organization! To learn more, please visit our Vehicle Donation Program.

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Please visit the following sections for more information on joining Virginia Clean Cities:

Membership Levels
Member Benefits
What VCC Can Do For You
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Membership Levels

Virginia Clean Cities offers a diversity of Membership Levels ranging from the $8000 Sustaining level membership to the $100 individual level membership. These Membership Levels are designed to provide opportunities for you to support Virginia Clean Cities while meeting your needs and fitting your budget. Each level is accompanied by a range of benefits according to the matrix below. For descriptions of benefits, see the Member Benefits description section. For higher level opportunities, please contact Alleyn Harned at or 540-568-8896.

membership matrix

Member Benefits

To help you determine which level may be appropriate for your needs, please click the arrows adjacent to the following benefits for a further information:

  • Guided Access to the Alt Fuel Network:
    We realize that it’s critical for our members to stay informed about the alternative fuels industry and deployment efforts in Virginia and across the nation. Therefore, as a member of our coalition you can receive access to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC). This service operates as a comprehensive Alternative Fuel/Alternative Fuel Vehicle information library and delivers important information, data, and tools to help you find solutions to decrease petroleum consumption through the use of alternative and renewable fuels, advanced vehicles, and other fuel-saving measures.
  • Technology Assistance:
    Stakeholders are important partners in the national market transition and are afforded access to the Clean Cities Technical Response Service. The Clean Cities Technical Response team is a group of highly skilled experts, and they are always ready to answer your questions regarding renewable energy, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, advanced vehicles, fuel economy, idle-reduction measures and more.
  • Access to Clean Cities University:
    One informational benefit that we are proud to share with you as a member is access to Clean Cities University. Courses in alternative fuels, vehicle information, laws and regulations, and new technology are available to you as a member.
  • Business Assistance:
    You can be assured that we stand ready to provide you with the best business assistance possible. Our staff possesses strong research, analysis, and outreach skills that we are eager to employ to assist you with your efforts. The Virginia Clean Cities team also has access to an extensive partner network that we would like to share with you. We are here to provide you and your organization with the best possible support.
  • VCC Badge to Put on Your Website:
    You are granted the right to display a Virginia Clean Cities logo on your website. We are happy to provide this opportunity to help bolster your organization’s public image as a state and national leader in alternative fuels, oil displacement, and environmental stewardship. This high resolution logo is located on the “About Us” page of our website.
  • Company Name and Web link on VCC website:
    We want to help promote your organization and the great work you do for the environment, the economy, and national security. Therefore, we will happily display your logo, complete with a link to your organization’s website, on our website. With over 1,000 monthly visitors to the Virginia Clean Cities website from industry, academia, the nonprofit sector, and local, state, and federal government you can expect to realize immense benefits in terms of outreach, marketing, and engagement.
  • Includes Individual Membership Benefits for Staff:
    Depending on the member level, your staff members will be granted guided access to the alternative fuel network, technology assistance via the Clean Cities Technical Response Service, and Clean Cities University (not to mention membership cards and bumper stickers).
  • May Participate on Project- or Fuel-Specific Committees:
    We invite you to participate and provide input in the various project- and fuel-specific Virginia Clean Cities standing committees. Our fuel-specific committees meet regularly, and our team is always looking for exciting new projects to advance alternative fuels research, clean fuels technology innovation, and infrastructure development. You are eligible to collaborate with us in any area as we advance a fuel and technology neutral market transformation to clean domestic fuel.
  • Receive Funding Updates:
    Our team will be there for you, diligently looking for appropriate funding opportunities for your organizational needs. When a grant or other funding opportunity arises, you’ll be informed promptly. It is our duty to make you aware whenever federal, state and local funding opportunities for alternative fuels deployment, education, advanced green technology projects, and infrastructure development arise.
  • Eligible for Media & Outreach Support:
    Our team is ready and waiting to help you with your media and outreach efforts. Drafting press releases; promoting your events; alerting media outlets of your success stories; forwarding information; connecting your organization with major decision makers in government and the alternative fuels industry; and spotlighting your recent projects and accomplishments in our email and print publications are ways that we advance mission appropriate outreach.
  • Grant Writing Assistance:
    The Virginia Clean Cities team contains highly skilled grant writers, and Diamond level memberships and above grants you access to their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our team can leverage our expertise and your unique needs to submit grant applications and seek alternative fuel deployment funding for your organization or your partners. Our target areas are alternative fuels barrier reduction, education, infrastructure development, and vehicle deployments through a variety of private, federal, and state supporting programs. We stand ready to discuss grant and other funding opportunities at any time.
  • Company Logo in Newsletter and Other Documents:
    Your logo will be featured in every Stakeholder Update and other VCC publications (unless otherwise requested). A link to your organization will also be included in the majority of our outreach emails which are viewed by thousands each month.
  • Inclusion in Social Media Announcements:
    Unless otherwise requested, you will be featured in our social media announcements. Whenever you participate in a prominent project or reach a milestone that you or VCC staff feels warrants major attention, we will feature your work on the Virginia Clean Cities Facebook page, twitter feed, YouTube channel, and/or website.
  • Eligible for Board of Directors:
    Virginia Clean Cities is served by a dedicated and skilled Board of Directors with diverse backgrounds ranging from government and industry to academia and the nonprofit sector who all share a passion for environmental sustainability and alternative fuels. Our Board has oversight over the general organizational structure and management of Virginia Clean Cities and is made up of stakeholders and members that are in good standing who have made significant contributions to our effort in Virginia. Platinum members and above are eligible for nomination to the VCC Board of Directors, where you can help make decisions that positively impact the alternative fuels industry. If you’d like to be considered for the Board of Directors, please let us know.

Your tax-deductible, annual membership also entitles you to:

  • Virginia Clean Cities Membership Card
  • Virginia Clean Cities Bumper Sticker
  • Reduced Fees for Events and Sponsorship
  • Bi-monthly Newsletters
  • Special Access Passes at Events

What Can VCC Do For You

As a Virginia Clean Cities member, you will receive direct access to our diverse and large stakeholder base, access to meetings, trainings, various publications, funding opportunities, the best information sources available, and more. More specifically:

  • VCC saves you time and money. As a member, you are eligible for individual consultation and business assistance on alternative fuels, advanced vehicles, idle reduction, and other technologies that reduce petroleum use and save money! VCC assists Virginia’s 360 alternative fuel stations and 90 alternative fuel fleets.
  • VCC provides grant writing assistance and exclusive access to funding opportunities from the federal government, state and local agencies, nonprofits, and foundations. VCC has experience writing and managing competitive grants from the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and foundations and collaborates with stakeholders in their deployment.
  • VCC provides networking opportunities with fleets and industry partners that have experience in alternative fuels and advanced vehicles. VCC hosts stakeholder meetings and attends regional and national conferences so we can easily put you in touch with the partners you need to succeed.
  • VCC directs and creates alternative fuels educational events, offering access to technical trainings, workshops, and webinar opportunities. VCC hosts events, trainings, and webinars that can educate your organization and assist with professional development.
  • VCC helps with media and outreach efforts such as drafting press releases, promoting your events, and highlighting your recent projects and accomplishments in our publications. VCC has thousands of unique visitors to its website annually and distributes a newsletter to over 3,000 stakeholders bi-monthly. 

We are willing to discuss additional levels of support and corresponding benefits that fit your particular needs. Call our office at (540) 568-8896 or email us at to discuss how we can help, and how we can work together to move Virginia towards greater energy independence, economic security, and a cleaner and more diverse transportation future.

Who Are VCC’s Members?

VCC’s members are linked by a common goal – to save money while protecting the environment. Our current members consist of fuel suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, private companies, local governments, state and federal agencies, and interested citizens. A full list of current stakeholders can be found here.

How to Join

Joining Virginia Clean Cities is easy, you can either:

1. Download our Membership Form, fill out the back page, and send it to VCC with payment (options below) or
2. Contact Alleyn Harned at 540-568-8896 or by email for more information and further direction

Payment Options

Pay by Check

Checks should be made to Virginia Clean Cities and mailed to the following address:

Virginia Clean Cities
c/o Alleyn Harned
1401 Technology Drive, MSC 4115
Harrisonburg Virginia 22807

For a  membership invoice, paid membership receipt, or a copy of VCC’s 990 or W9, please contact Emma Lundeen at 540-568-4854 or by email.

Pay by Credit Card / PayPal

You can pay for your membership online using a credit card or PayPal account by clicking the Donate button below. This will bring you to Virginia Clean Cities PayPal page. You can pay using a credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account by selecting ‘Continue’ after ‘Don’t Have a PayPal Account?’.  Please enter the dollar value for the applicable membership level and complete all required information.

We look forward to you joining our mission!