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Free Webinar: Converting Biogas into Energy and Vehicle Fuel

Tuesday September 9, 2014 – Tuesday September 9, 2014 Map and Directions | Register Description: Do you have a supply of biogas? If it’s not being turned into electricity, heat or vehicle fuel, it needs to be put to work! Our Sept. 9 webinar Converting Biogas to Energy and Vehicle Fuel will describe how sites around the …

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February 4, 2008: Fuel Quality, Sustainability and Feedstocks (and Policy, Policy, Policy)

Monday Opening Session The Monday morning general session began with Joe Jobe addressing the rumored 4,000-member audience (there were a lot of people, but I’m not sure it hit that mark) with a state of biodiesel discussion. Despite the huge industry success of biodiesel’s role in the new Renewable Fuels Standard and large gains in …

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