Biodiesel Education Workshop

As a fuel made from Virginia crops, biodiesel has the potential to grow the Old Dominion’s economy, while improving the state’s air quality by displacing harmful emissions. Join Virginia Clean Cities on Friday, September 14th (1-4PM) at the Farm Burea in Richmond for an afternoon of learning how biodiesel can improve your fleet’s performance. Snacks will be provided. Dress code is business casual.

For more information, contact Gwen (gwen@vacleancities.org) or Laura (laura@vacleancities.org).

To register for the event, click here.

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  1. Harry Groot says:

    Is more information available? I’m particulary interested if this is aimed at end users as opposed to those more interested in the technology and economic development. Personally, I’m intrested in woody biomass as supply stock, so if someone doing it, or developing that technology will be there, i’ll make the trip!


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